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In 2013 we developed a new line of business for The management of Mexican events.

To this day we continue our catering service, with all licenses and health regulations required for Mexican gastronomy.Our catering service is greatly appreciated among customers. Our chefs display their creativity by adapting classic recipes of Mexican cuisine fusing the gastronomy of various cultures – earning a very different, innovative, and delicious Mexican result.

Ourcatering option

We offer a catering service with different opitions and everything you need to themeyour entire event:


“We set up a Taco Stand in the purest Mexican style at your even” Our TACO STAND is simple and fun. Without an oven, adaptable to any space, it's perfect for the casual events, as part of a welcome cocktail, dinner parties, fairs or any indoor event. We offer varieties of tacos, authentic dishes and Mexican products of the highestquality:

  • Tacos of cochinita or chicken Pibil, Carnitas, Steak and more varieties
  • Assorted Quesadillas (Rajas, Mushrooms, Pumpkin Flower, Chorizo, Huitlacoche, Gringas and Synchronized.)
  • Guacamole, chipotle tuna, Etc.
Select the variety of tacos you,d like and two “Taqueros” will prepare the tacos at the moment for the delight of your guests. “The Tacos stand is a great idea to open or close your event” .


“After 20 years we are still number one”

Tacos al Pastor have been our speciality since 1999. Our chefs faithfully show authentic Mexican street cuisine while adapting it to the characteristics of the event, the show cooking is very attractive and a great surprises all the guests.

In addition to the tacos al pastor we have other specialties and varieties of tacos:

  • Tacos of cochinita or chicken Pibil, Carnitas, Steak and more varieties
  • Assorted Quesadillas (Rajas, Mushrooms, Pumpkin Flower, Chorizo, Huitlacoche, Gringas and Synchronized.)
  • Guacamole, chipotle tuna, Etc.

The most authentic Mexican gastronomy from the hand of the “taquero” to your dinnerplate


“Margarita cocktails are the stars wherever they are”

Undoubtedly one of the great attractions in any type of event is a MEXICAN COCKTAIL BAR.

To ensure your event has original and differentiating elements, We setup a themed bar which includes Mexican style decoration, a team of bartenders specialized in Mexican cocktails and all the original flavor of Mexico.

We offer:

  • Traditional Flavored waters (jamaica, mango, horchata, tamarind and guava)
  • Margaritas (lemon, mango, hibiscus, strawberry, tamarind and melon)
  • Mexican beers, alone and in cocktails (cheladas, micheladas, clamatadas)
  • Our exclusive selection of 100% agave tequilas to enjoy as a tequilashot or the typical tequila cocktail “the sangrita”.
  • Wide range of Mexican cocktails (tequila sunrise, charro negro, palomas, bloddy mary... etc ..)


“Gourmet reproduction of the most authentic Mexican Street food”

We are experts in preparing your event as a BUFFET modality, reproducing a typical “Kermés party” offering a wide variety of dishes and local delicacies with top quality products all in a typical “kermes party style”.

The buffet includes a Mexican table setting, chafin dish and presentation of a selection of our dishes.

Dine in a self-service format to taste these both cold and hot, beautifully presented anddecorated dishes.


“A very attractive and special option“

The assembly of a MEXICAN THEMED ISLAND with still life decoration and buffet service will always remain in the memory of all your guests.

The proposed gastronomic options are:

  • Island of Ceviches
  • Island of Quesadillas
  • Island of Antojitos
  • Island of Tostados
  • Guisado Island
  • Island of Guisos
  • Island of Desserts


“merging tradition with the avant-garde”

In our COCKTAIL Bandejeado we let ourselves get carried away with the new trends in Mexican gastronomy, fusing traditional and avant-garde tastes.

We,re pioneers of a unique gastronomy and offer authentic Mexican products of the highest quality with a totally personalized service adapted to the needs of our clients.

The customer selects the desired gastronomic option in terms of the number of hot and cold bites, to be served in a tray cocktail format.

This line is normally combined with the Mexican cocktail bar.

To consult further, contact our gastronomic service.

Tailor- Made your event

!! We can do everything you can imagine!!

We adapt your wishes to make your event partially or entirely Mexican.

It may comprise of a simply cocktail bar, a buffet, a taco and/or quesadilla stand, a ceviche stand, a Mexican bar, a Mexican dessert cart, or a gala dinner worthy of Mexican haute cuisine.

Your event is all themed in the purest Mexican style with mariachis, piñatas, decoration, flowers …

Send us an email with your needs or ideas.

Time the event will take place, will it be an open or closed space?

Ourcustomers guarantee us

  • Consejo de Promoción Turística de México S.A.
  • HSC Bank Plc. Suc. España
  • Pilates Wellness and Energy S.L.
  • Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Inc
  • La Blonda Catering S.L.
  • Goa Events Catering
  • Cardamomo Catering
  • Menaje a Tres Catering
  • Mutua Madrid Open
  • Festival Mad Cool
  • Festival Lavanda

In addition to participating and promoting sports fairs and events.

  • FITUR 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 (support and promotion of the MexicoTourism Stand)
  • Mariana Hughes Golf Tournament in Spain
  • Tactic Sports Club, mass sporting events.