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Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything
Our Founder John Phillipe

John Phillipe

Peter Lee
Chinese Kitchen Lead

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“A very attractive and special option“

The assembly of a MEXICAN THEMED ISLAND with still life decoration and buffet service will always remain in the memory of all your guests.

The proposed gastronomic options are:

  • Island of Ceviches
  • Island of Quesadillas
  • Island of Antojitos
  • Island of Tostados
  • Guisado Island
  • Island of Guisos
  • Island of Desserts


“Gourmet reproduction of the most authentic Mexican Street food”

We are experts in preparing your event as a BUFFET modality, reproducing a typical “Kermés party” offering a wide variety of dishes and local delicacies with top quality products all in a typical “kermes party style”.

The buffet includes a Mexican table setting, chafin dish and presentation of a selection of our dishes.

Dine in a self-service format to taste these both cold and hot, beautifully presented anddecorated dishes.


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