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Security measures

The Orale Compadre restaurants take social responsibility and collaborating seriously, and strive to be a solution to the problem of the spread of the coronavirus. We maintain all the safety and hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities.

Among the measures and protocols implemented in our restaurants, the following stand out:

  • We maintain the established safety distance in all areas of the restaurant
  • We have reduced the number of diners in all areas of the restaurant
  • We have hydro-alcoholic gel in all sections of the restaurants
  • The kitchens are completely disinfected in each of the services
  • All surfaces in the rooms are disinfected with changes of diners at least every 30 minutes.

For Orale Compadre the most important thing is the health of our clients and to be able to offer our services in an environment of safety and well-being without neglecting health.

  • Remember that our deliveries are totally safe, always respecting the protocols and making contact-free deliveries
  • In all our activities we respect interpersonal safety distances. Therefore, if we consider that the capacity may be at the limit, we will carry out a corresponding control of the establishment.